What to Order on a Date?

Written by admin on February 21, 2018 - 12:00 am

When going on a online ukraine dating, a woman tries to take into account all the nuances. She carefully selects the outfit, suitable makeup and manicure, the perfect accessories to suit her outfit and her beauty. Some ladies even try to think over the topics for future conversation, so that their interlocutor will find them interesting. While you may disagree with these sort of approaches to dates, it is the fact of life that people get extremely nervous and anxious when preparing for a date. This state of fear and anxiety may spoil the date itself.

But not everyone knows that the choice of dishes in a restaurant or cafe, as well as the rules of conduct at the table can negate all these preparations that you’ve been worried about so much. We believe that comfort and confidence are a lot more important than creating a mask for yourself, trying to be someone else instead of being comfortable in being yourself. Therefore, you should remember the rules of conduct, as well as a list of the dishes that should not be ordered on a date.

Usually dates are held in a coffee shop or in other similar casual establishments. In such places you can limit yourself to a coffee and a simple dessert, which should be eaten with a spoon. Sophisticated culinary masterpieces may require mastery of cutlery. In order not to feel stiff and not to embarrass yourself - do not order such delights. Order only those dishes that you know how to eat, this is not the right time for experimentation.

If you plan to hold a date at home, consider using a trusted delivery service. The keyword is “trusted”, as you should not experiment with new services, it may take them long to deliver your food and, which is the saddest possible thing that can happen, the food itself may be awful.

As a woman, when visiting a restaurant, you should use your right of choice and choose a familiar establishment with a proven menu. Just do not order too many dishes. In addition, you need to avoid dishes that may cause trouble when consumed. For example, eating spaghetti is accompanied by a slurping sound, you may get a stain on your outfit, which is never good.

There is a certain list of dishes that you should give up on the first date:

1. Soups. It seems to be a harmless dish, but if a girl starts to make noises while sipping on a soup, trying to handle all the burning broth, then her young man will certainly not like it. Again, only those dishes that you are familiar with.

2. Hot sandwiches and pizza. Melted cheese stretches, it does not look aesthetically pleasing from the outside. Pizza is always juicy and yeah, it is a phenomenal dish, but it extremely messy and it can leave a stain on your dress.

3. Vegetable salads. This is an ideal choice for ordering only if a salad does not include garlic and onions. You should also choose dishes without greens. A small piece of dill or parsley, which can treacherously get stuck between your teeth, will spoil the entire date for you.

4. Alcohol. Even if you are nervous, you should not order more than one glass of wine. Don’t drink too much, this is the worst thing that you can do. No one likes drunk people, especially when it comes to making a good impression on the first date. If you know that you cannot really control yourself after a single glass – don’t drink at all.

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