Organizing Your Cooking Recipes The Simple Way

Written by admin on September 15, 2012 - 12:00 am

If you are like most people who collect recipes, they are probably stuffed into a drawer in a mass of cluttered confusion. Organizing your recipes will not only make them look better, it will make it easier to find the recipe you need when you want it. The easiest way to create organized recipes is to have a type of file system. Investing in a pack of index cards and a recipe card holder will make it easier to find and use your recipes. The index cards should include dividers you can label for different sections within the holder or box.

You can also use colored index cards to create the separate divisions of categories so they are easier to see. The categories should be placed in alphabetical order beginning with the letter A. Within each category, the cards containing the recipes should also be filed in alphabetical order. If you have a category with a lot of recipes you can break them down into sub-categories or groups by adding separate dividers or using different colored cards. For example, the category of cookies could have sub-categories of rolled, chilled, dropped and holiday. Laminating your recipe cards will also make them easier to keep clean.

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